Why I write stuff for the screen:

I grew up in a TV household. We all gathered around on Saturday night to watch shows together. I knew from an early age that the power of TV was that stories and characters could be invited into my living room.

Add to that the fact that my parents are educators – veterans of the New York City school system. They instilled in me the desire to help people, even in the toughest circumstances.

I’m passionate about creating TV and film projects that feature people trying to be helpful. I love characters who want to make the world a better place and who try to better themselves. If they make wrong choices – they make them for the right reasons. At times I combine this with my interest in invisible things – the things people aren’t talkign about. And I create worlds populated by ghosts, or spirits, or I tackle subjects that people want to avoid like race, sexuality, politics or religion.

My original work features a multicultural world where out-of-the-box things happen and people are, above all, trying to help.

Here are a few examples of my original work for TV, followed by some video from a few short form pieces.

Below are two shorts of mine and some excerpts from some of my full length pilots:

(2012) 10 minutes
Super spy David Gardner is about to retire but first he must deal, once and for
all, with his invisible friend.
Directed by Phil Kaufmann
Written by Steve Harper

(2006) 7 minutes
When a group of Spirit People arrive to take Betty to the other side, they discover
she may not be ready to make the trip.
Written, Produced and Directed by Steve Harper

“But the Truth” (Pilot)
A lawyer (and reluctantly psychic) moves to Baltimore for a fresh start with a law
firm in spite of the fact that his family lives there.

Download an Excerpt Below:

Legal Sense Excerpt

““The Burning Questions” (Pilot)
A grieving Manhattan therapist delves into his wife’s secret past while trying to
help a young girl who set a fire at school and refuses to speak about it.

Download an Excerpt Below:

Cliff’s Edge Excerpt


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