There is nothing more visceral than telling stories through the power of theatre: immediate, visceral, live. I write plays with multi-cultural casts, a comic tone, and often a supernatural twist. My characters attempt to reconcile ordinary life with all the stuff they can’t explain.


“Harper… has a good feel for storytelling, structure and dialogue. He creates characters you care about…”– Baltimore Sun







On Lloyd Brown’s deathbed, he’s challenged by the spirit of his late boss, Paul Robeson. Why? Because Lloyd blames Paul Robeson and Albert Einstein for ruining his life. Before Lloyd dies, Robeson takes him back to where it all happened to uncover the truth. 1952: the height of the blacklist. The Professor’s home in Princeton becomes a meeting place for two great men and their assistants. Princeton Theory is a play about fame, desperation and the will to survive. No one knows what happened in that house – until now. Based on real events.


Breakdown: 5M 1W


“Great play.”-  Ty Jones Classical Theatre of Harlem


“A wonderful play.”-  Eduardo Machado







Best friends Benjamin and Casey are two struggling actors navigating through the ups and downs of their careers New York City. But when Casey, who is white, faces the possibility of success in a television series, Benjamin, who’s black, feels the game is rigged. Almost is set in the acting world but tackles universal questions: What is success? How do you find it? What happens if you don’t find it? And how do you survive along the way?


Breakdown: 3M 3W


Developed at Loyola Marymount University in their new play development program.







Ted and Karen’s marriage is unraveling. When they purchase a rabbit statue at a Flea Market, Karen miraculously writes a successful novel. Ted, convinced that Karen is possessed by the statue, begs his assistant and a priest to help him expel the demon. But is Ted delusional or is Karen really the victim of a supernatural being. Urban Rabbit Chronicles explores the challenges of marriage, and the cost of giving in to our artistic impulses.


Breakdown: 3M 2W


“…wonderful”- Phyllis Toben Bancroft, director and member of the Actors Studio


“…witty, wise and thought-provoking…” – Samantha Bennett, writer, coach, actor author of Get It Done







A writer obsessed with what it means to be black and gay starts interviewing black queer folks in search of an answer. The resulting interviews turn him inside out, break his assumptions and force him to confront his darkest secrets and his worst fears. Black/Out Stories uses actual interviews along with a fictionalized narrative in a unique hybrid of documentary theatre and heartfelt dramatic exploration that will leave you questioning what you know and celebrating who you are.


Breakdown: 4M 2W


Developed through workshops at Freedom Train Productions and Dreamcatcher Repertory Theater


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