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What People are Saying About Me:

"I...just wanted to thank you for your terrific work. Plus you're a gent and a pleasure to have around. Thanks."

- Quincy Long
  Award Winning Playwright
  Member: Ensemble Studio Theatre

"Steve Harper is a(n)...extraordinary talent. He has...an intellectual and intuitive capacity that sets him apart from the thousands of young people with whom I've come in contact during four decades as a producer and director...his...play "Urban Rabbit Chronicles"...is imaginative, theatrical and compelling and reveals a significant gift for creating character, writing specific dialogue and exploring inventive and surprising points of view."

- Ed Sherin
  Director/Writer/Executive Producer
  Law & Order

"CESD Talent Agency has represented [Steve] for over 10 years, and he is one of the most professional actors in the business. I am constantly getting...incredible feedback on...his talents, knowledge and experience..."

- Lakey Wolff, agent CESD

"Harper... has a good feel for storytelling, structure and dialogue. He creates characters you care about..."

- Baltimore Sun

"Steve's contributions to the creative process were invaluable...[he] asked tough questions...which inspired...revisions that enhanced the clarity and emotional impact of the play...[He] handle[d] the material with sensitivity. Steve's positive energy and...approach...created a safe and productive environment."

- France-Luce Benson
  Freedom Sea

"His characters leap off the page...have a strong point of view and something for an actor to wrestle with....In the rehearsal hall, Steve...sets ego aside...and gives over to a company. He is...always...gentle and generous."

- Pam MacKinnon, Director

"Steve's talent as a writer and actor are exceeded only by the intelligence and depth of spirit he brings to everything he does. Working with him is a profoundly rewarding experience."

- Geoffrey Breedon
  Dark September Rain

"Steve Harper is creative, capable and compassionate...he is a class A playwright - I adore him."

- Sheila Kay Davis
  Founder/Artistic Director
  New Professional Theatre