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Steve Harper
HERE IS AN ARTIST who has taken heed to the advice he received from James Baldwin some years ago when he was admonished to 'go the distance.' Steve continues to travel the 'distance' even as he arrives.

    - Darnell Moore, Mary Literary Quarterly

...the mastermind behind the original web series, SEND ME...he's done a bit of everything in entertainment.

    - Kristin Downer, #nerdproblems

One of the most CREATIVE, FASCINATING writers I have been privileged to meet.

    - Michael St. John, Canyon News

Steven Michael Harper is DELIGHTFUL.

    - Lloyd Rose, Washington Post

...effortless acting.

    - The Entertainment Section

Watch SEND ME - STEVE'S NEW WEB SERIES (about Race and Time Travel) Starring Tracie Thoms. See it NOW on YouTube!

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